How to control your computer using smartphone?

Vectir application it’s very useful to add features and functions of the controlling computer on mobile devices. These applications make use of three wireless connection, so you can choose between a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infra red. As for the phones that are used to support several types of features, ranging from the type of buttons and touch screen. With two options of these features you can customize which applications are suitable for use.

vectir app remote

To activate the application, you must perform this installation process on the destination computer and the phone also wants to be a remote control. For example, if you’re Android user applications, then you must install the Vectir application that can you take from the Android market. By default, Vectir application allows you to access the five main functions of the computer, the desktop profile, system, winamp, iTunes, and Windows media player. Besides, you also can add other functions, such as by running office applications. Likewise, if you want to run other features such as restart, log off, shut down and can also be done via smartphone.

On the Desktop profile option, you can view the desktop on the PC through smartphone screen in real time, even when the computer is running video or other applications. As for the system function lets you browse the entire contents of the computer quickly. Vectir application will display all the existing drive on the computer and you’ll get full access to run it through the smartphone features.


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