How to Creating the Magical Mirror Effect with Adobe Photoshop

Well, these days, digital photography artists are using mirrors, of sorts, to create magical effects on their computer monitors. Basically, a mirror image is one in which one side of a frame is perfectly mirrored (reflected) on the opposite side of the frame–side to side or top to bottom. In Photoshop, we use Canvas Size, Copy and Paste, Duplicate Layer to create the effect. It’s that easy!

With this technique can do to make text mirrot effect too.

Okay! Let’s take a look at how easy it is to create the magical mirror effect in Photoshop.

Open File

Open file that you want to make a mirror.
Creating the Magical Mirror Effect 1

Increase Canvas Size

The next step is to increase the Canvas Size (again, the actual working area). We increase the Canvas Size by moving the shaded box into any of the other boxes–and then typing in a new height and/or width dimensions. Because I wanted to increase the height of my Canvas Size on the bottom side of my picture, I moved the shaded area to the top middle box. Then I typed in the new Canvas size–which, for ease of use, was a bit more than double the height of my original photograph.
After I approximately doubled the height of my image, my new working area (new Image Size) looked like this.
Creating the Magical Mirror Effect 2

Duplicate your layer that contain picture

Creating the Magical Mirror Effect 3

Create a flipped image of your original

Creating a flipped image of your original is easy.
Activated Mirror Layer (after duplicated) then go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical and you will get the result like this.
Creating the Magical Mirror Effect 4

Create the Magical Mirror Effect

This the magic will began. Move you mirror page to the bottom of the image like this.
Creating the Magical Mirror Effect 5


Most pros agree that Photoshop has changed the way that we not only make pictures–but the way we see potential images.

More Realistic?

With add little bit effect on you mirror you can make this wonderfull result ;)

Creating the Magical Mirror Effect Result



  1. Great tutorial, I am more of a visual person myself, although this is exactly how I had to learn to use this effect, I put together a video on the same thing for all the visual people like me.

    Thanks for your great work, the video can be viewed here

  2. Hi there

    Can you please describe how you did the ‘More Realistic’ effect?

    Thanks in advance
    CHEERS :)

  3. you can do that with paint. select the zone you and to mirror, copy/paste it below, select Image->Flip/Rotate ( flip vertical ) and done.

  4. You could be more detailed when explaining (such as shortcuts in photoshop etc). Otherwise nice tutorial, hope you’ll continue sharing it with us.

  5. ersin akbulaksays:

    Thanks for info i would like to ask anything else if we want to make a lake effect on the mirror layer which effect should we use?

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