How To Delete Blogger Blogs

How to deleted blogger/blogspot blogs. Why I need do this, before switching into WordPress platform, is my favorite blogs tools. Free and easy to use is the reason why I use But for some reason (I need more custom on my blog, I need install and tweak on some area) switched from Blogger into WordPress is the perfect idea.
On my Old Blogger account, I have created many dummy blog and personal blog.  So after I was successfully switched into WordPress, I need to remove/deleted my old blogs. Because I didn’t need it anymore.

Tutorial to Delete Blogger/Blogspot Blogs, follow this tutorial

  • Login into your account and you’ll redirect to Blogger Dashboard
  • Select Setting Menu on your blog than you need to be deleted.
  • On The Basic Setting there are will be menu like this
    Import blog – Export blog – Delete blog
    then choose Deleted Blog
  • You’ll got confirmation page like this, and hit Deleted This Blog button

    Tutorial Deleted Blogger / Blogspot Blogs
    Tutorial Deleted Blogger / Blogspot Blogs
  • You will now be returned to the Dashboard. Notice that your blog is no longer displayed in the list of blogs. If you wish to view your deleted blog you can click on the Show All link at the bottom of the Manage Blogs list in the Dashboard
  • You will now be able to see your deleted blog including details of its deletion date. Follow the link provided to undelete this blog. Blogger allows you 90 days grace.

It’s easy right, we hope simple tutorial to deleted blogger/blogspot blogs on this post will solve you problem


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