How To Download Facebook Video for Free

After Facebook accepted to share video on the website, now many Facebook user share the video on their Facebook. Now I will show you how to download Facebook video for free.

Download Facebook Video for Free
Download Facebook Video for Free

This tutorial has been tested on Mozilla Firefox, if you still didn’t have Mozilla Firefox you can download it here, did you know that, Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta has been out, try it. And follow this step to download Facebook Video for free

Follow This step to Download Facebook Video for Free

  1. After successfully installed Mozilla Firefox go to Tools > Add-ons or using Keyboard (shift+apple+a)
  2. Then searching Grease monkey Extension and install it, after succesfully install this add-ons you need to restart your Mozilla Firefox
  3. After you restart your Firefox, then began install this script
  4. Click on the grease monkey options. A new window will open and on the lower left-hand side click the box that says enable.
  5. Now whenever you’re logged into Facebook, a download button is available

That’s it, now you can download Facebook video easily. Please notes, you need keep Grease Monkey enable to keep Facebook Download button alive.


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