How to easily repair Flashdisk damage

USB flash disk is one important devices, which is used to store some files or data. Flash is needed in this era because it is very easy to carry anywhere. Primarily for business people and students, while requiring data stored on one computer and want to move it to another computer using a flash would be easier.

how to solve the damage of flashdisk

Flashdisk is now already can be found easily in the market because many flash disk fabricators and sellers. With a variety of shapes, patterns, brands, and capacity, flash disk is very practical for file sharing such as documents, movies, music, videos, and so on.

The existence of a variety of this device on the market it is easier for us because we are the buyers only have to choose which device are liking. But when it was bought, do not forget to continue to ensure that the device is free from any cause damage. This device is also susceptible to damage, usually caused by a virus. Already know that there are a lot of virus circulating and can damage the data instead?

Well, because of the threat of the virus then we as users have to be careful. Flashdisk contaminating virus is also bad for the computer. The computer will be infected, even damage the system so it can not be used for anything. بث مباشر هولندا وتشيك Threats to the device can also be seen when the device is a sudden error. When it finds it, then we as users or owners of the device should be able to fix that indicated minor damage. موقع قنوات بي اوت كيو We can perform repairs damaged device light, among others:

  • The first step, turn on the computer and plug the flash. Click Run on the computer, then press cmd, and then check Drive :/ f .
  • Option will appear each function. The first DOS command chkdsk, which is when it is selected it will be automatically be checked on the flash that error. While when the Drive Letter option is selected, this command will place the flash drive filled. And the third command f which will fix the errors. This command will delete all the errors that exist on the flash once the cause.
  • When the process is complete ( 100 % ), it will display a command to convert the file folder, and then click Y.
  • Delete the folder listed corrupted by pressing DEL V.

Its so simple, right? You can try by yourself if you face the problem of your mobile storage, such as flashdisk. سيرجيو أجويرو But I think not try with another device.


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