How To Fix High memory usage on Firefox

I am totally big fan Mozilla Firefox, I still use Mozilla Firefox as main browser. There are a lot of alternate for the nicely browser on my MacBook Pro, I can use Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Flock, Camino and many more. But I still chooses Mozilla Firefox.

Reduce Memory on Mozilla Firefox
Reduce Memory on Mozilla Firefox

But, this is sad but true, the problem that almost happen on me, is High Memory usage on my Firefox. And this is didn’t good 🙁 So I try to find the solutions and here is some trick to reduce or fix high memory usage on Mozilla Firefox

Follow This Step to Reduce High Memory Usage on Firefox

  • Check your Theme and Extension compatibility
    Extensions and themes can cause Firefox to use more memory than it normally would.
  • Check your Plugins
    Some Plugin such as Flash Player and JavaScript Tools increase memory usage your Firefox, use it with care
  • Restarting Your Mozilla Firefox
    If you mozzila firefox use high memory, the fastest way is restart your Mozilla Firefox
  • Use Less Tabs
    I know this last tips didn’t good, but use less tabs will reduce your Mozilla Firefox memory usage very nicely.

That’s it, we hope this tricks will fix your high memory usage on your Firefox


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