How to Get Into a Linksys Interface

linksys routerYou must be looking for the access to see the Linksys Interface or as graphic user interface (GUI) as you may call it. You will need few cables since you need to connect the router to computer Even though the router can work without connecting to PC since it is wireless that can share files and internet connect, the GUI cannot be accessed online. So it is really necessary to connect the linksys router to the computer.

Things that you need to do so you can get into Linksys Interface

* Connect the Router to your PC
* Get the default gateway
* Enter the default password

One -Connecting your linksys router to your Personal computer with an Ethernet cable.
Get the Ethernet cable and plug one end to the reset linksys router in the slot with a label “internet.” The other end of the Ethernet cable should be plug at the back of your PC at the internet port. Take note that different PC models may have different location of their internet port so you must look closely.

Two- Getting the default Gateway
Go to the start up of your computer and click “Run” or “Start” Type cmd on the prompt box that will take you to the prompt box. Once you are in the prompt box type “Ipconfig” and hit enter. The prompt box will show you the default gateway that will start with 192. This default gateway is very important and will be used in other configuration, so make sure you take not of this.

Three- Logging in
Once you have the default gateway. Open any of your browsers and type the gateway to the URL box. Once you hit enter a pop-up box will prompt your screen that will ask you for a username and password. The linksys router login is defaulted with the password “admin”. You can change the defaulted password by going to administrator tab under management tab.

From here you can access linksys wireless router setup where you can set up your own personal setting or configure the router’s setting. Also, this is where you can see the Linksys Interface and access the GUI.

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