Recently we got an email from Google that give me announcement that Google +1 Button has ready and we can implemented on our blog. Here is the tutorial to implemented Google +1 on WordPress Blog

  1. Go Google Webmaster Tools +1 Button Page
  2. And you’ll see like this

    Google +1 Button Page
    Google +1 Button Page
  3. Next Step is you choose Google +1 Button and copy the code then open your single.php or whatever theme files you need to put on and save your work
  4. Done, you Google +1 has been successfully implemented.

Watch this video to learn more about the +1 button

That’s it, now implemented Google +1 Button is easy right?

3 thoughts on “How To Implemented Google +1 button code

  1. Menurut beberapa sumber yang saya baca kalau blog kita bisa memperoleh google +1 yang banyak maka posisi di SERP google akan menjadi lebih bagus.. Apakah ini benar ya.. saya jadi penasaran..
    nice share……..

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