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How to Import blog posts into Twitter Automatically

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For those Twitter and Blogger, Twitter account and make your blog to connect with one another, so every time you make a post on the blog, Twitter is also an update on the status of your Twitter account, often become a question for some people.

Twitterfeed Logo
Twitterfeed Logo

Twitter in this case does not provide fi special tour to import an external blog posting into your Twitter account, but not impossible. Through fi tour of services provided, we can do it easily enough.

  1. Point your browser to Before using a tour fi service provided, you must register first. Click the Register Now link.
  2. To use this service tour fi, there are 3 easy steps we need to do. In this first step: Create Feed. Enter Feed Name and address of RSS feeds that you will use. Use the test button to check if the rss feed link that you have entered is correct or not correct. Do not forget to check the Active option. When finished, click Continue to Step 2.
  3. Twitterfeed step 1
    Twitterfeed step 1
  4. In the Configure Publishing Services, on the Available Services, select the menu Twitter, because we will link it to your Twitter account.
  5. In this section we will make arrangements on your Twitter account which will be connected. Select Authenticate New Twitter Account.
  6. Twitter Authentication
    Twitter Authentication
  7. Then input your email and password of your Twitter account. Click the Allow button to allow it to connect with your Twitter account.
  8. After this, you can simply activate fi tour this service by clicking the Create button Service. After that you will get a ration rmasi, that you have successfully perform configuration feeds on your Twitter account.
  9. twitter permission
    twitter permission
  10. You can see the results on your Twitter account pages.
Written by kaylee
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9 Replies to “How to Import blog posts into Twitter Automatically”

  1. Yup, Twitterfeed memang keren.
    Setelah semua setup beres, kita nggak perlu pusing2 nge-tweet postingan kita. Semua dilakukan Twitterfeed. Gratis lagi!

  2. Ya, Memang benar.. menggunakan twitterfeed adalah cara termudah untuk mempublish ke situs social seperti twitter. Saya Juga menggunakannya..

  3. i have use twitterfeed since i started bloging (which is not for so long). it feeds find for twitter, sadly it can’t feed image for facebook from K2 items.

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