How to increase visitor for Corporate Website

Commonly, a corporate website is a static type that contain profile, product, news, and contact. This kind of website is dead, they won’t recognized by search engine and definitely no one will see their website.

Creating a business website as a company profile is not so difficult to build. All that we need is hire a web designer and explain the concepts then it’s done. The website will launch just like we want. What should we do next after all the information has been released ?
There are many company has the same question about this.

They do not feel the effects of the websites that have been made​​. The visitor also did not watch about products they offers. At the end, sales targets from the Internet will not be completed. What you need is a SEO and SERP techniques. This time I will not explain what and how to make SEO and SERP techniques, but I wanted to share about the easiest way to increase your visitor using a blog within your corporate website.

A blog is very important in the static web. This will help to increase visitor trafficts who come to see the website. With this blog, a corporate website helped by the latest article updates, so Search Engines found your articles and continue their jobs naturally. I called this a natural website optimization.

SEO Blogging Strategies like this are very good for long-term sustainability of the website. Lots of instant website that quickly entered to the top search on Google but it was not stay long enough and then it would sink and disappear from Google Search, because it got banned by Google. Never exploit SEO techniques to much, use as necessary and natural techniques which is make a good and interesting articles,  so people will be interested and would always visit your website. Have a nice try to optimized your website.



  1. Hmm Natural website optimization.. Enhancing contents in a purpose to withdraw qualified and targeted visitors is a marvelous ideas, indeed… But writing an interesting articles is not so easy. Learning from this weblog may be a first step

  2. I appreciate any SEO update I can get. I have several static pages. SEO seems like a constantly changing thing that is hard to put your finger on. All good information like this is soooo helpful – C

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