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How to install and use TweetDeck Twitter Clients

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Maybe some of you already know and understand this use of Twitter Clients. But it never hurts us to learn how to access Twitter using popular Twitter Clients applications, TweetDeck.


If you usually access your Twitter account by pointing your browser to the address, this time we will learn to do it in a more unique, with a popular application called TweetDeck Twitter Clients. Previously, downloaded TweetDeck the file size of 1.97 MB. Before that better you install Adobe AIR or you can install from Once installed, to use follow the steps below:

1 – Firstly, double-click the icon TweetDeckin your computer’s desktop.

2 – At the time of running TweetDeck for the first application, you will be asked to fill in username and password of your Twitter account, then TweetDeck will display 3 columns, divided into:All friend, mentions, and direct messages.

tweetdeck columns
tweetdeck columns

3 – Only by pointing your mouse over the photo account Tweeter friends, you can provide direct responses (Reply), to “re-tweet”(Retweet), sends a message (Direct Message), and much more.

TweetDeck Direct message
TweetDeck Direct message

4 – When you are ready to update your status, click the box What’s Happening?

TweetDeck update status
TweetDeck update status

Hopefully this post helpful to you, good luck.

Written by kaylee
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