How to locate your iPad use the Find My iPad feature when Lost or Stolen

Loss of gadgets that are very meaningful for us is certainly makes us very sad. But, do not make us give up so easily without doing anything. This time I will teach you How to locate your iPad if it’s lost or Stolen. This tutorial will guide you though the steps to set up and use the Find My iPad feature that’s included with your MobileMe subscription.

iPad Thief
iPad Thief

In addition to an email address, iDisk storage space, a web calendar and address book that’s easy to sync with iCal and Address Book, MobileMe includes a feature to recover your iPad. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Point to Settings icon on your iPad’s dashboard. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then select your MobileMe ( account. Note: this tutorial assumes you have setup your iPad with your account.
  2. Settings Menu image
    Settings Menu image
  3. Toggle the Find My iPad switch to ON. Tap the Allow button when asked for confirmation.
  4. Find My iPad On Switch
  5. Now tap the Done button in the upper-right corner.
  6. In your web browser, navigate to your settings page (which is usually Select Find my iPhone from the left column. Note: don’t worry that it’s called “Find my iPhone” and not “Find my iPad”.
  7. Find My iPhone
    Find My iPhone
  8. If your iPad is online now — it’ll show up on a map displayed on the Find my iPhone page. If your laptop is lost or stolen, this is how you can determine where it is.
  9. Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe
    Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe
  10. If you want to send a message to your iPad — so that whomever found — click the Display a Message… button.
  11. Enter the message you want to appear on your iPad in the space provided. You can also check the Play a sound for 2 minutes with this message box if you’d like your iPad to make a lot of noise at the same time — which can be very helpful if it’s in a lost and found box and you want someone to read the message you’re sending. Click the Send button to send the message.
  12. Display Message
    Display Message
  13. A confirmation message will appear confirming that the message has been sent, and that you’ll be notified by email once it has been displayed on the iPad.
  14. Whomever has your iPad will now get the message that you sent.
  15. Another security measure you can take is to remotely lock your iPad. Click the Remote Lock… button to set a 4 digit passcode on your iPad.
  16. Enter the passcode (twice).
  17. Set a passcode
    Set a passcode
  18. And now your iPad will require whomever has it to enter the 4 digit passcode that you set in order to use it.
  19. Enter Passcode
    Enter Passcode
  20. One last step you can take is to completely wipe the iPad — remotely. Click the Remote Wipe… button and follow the steps provided. NOTE: as explained — this will completely wipe the contents of your iPad. This should be used as a last resort and only when you’re certain that it has been stolen. With that said, don’t hesitate too long to use this option — especially if your iPad contains sensitive information (access to your email, passwords, banking information etc).

Now you are able to find your iPad position also lost or stolen from your hand. Use it as good as possible, I hope this post can be useful and help you.


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