How To Manually Update iPhone into iOS 4.1

iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad ready to enjoy iOS 4.1. There are so many ways to update. The easiest one is connected with your iTunes and check the update and began update.

iOS 4.1 Features
iOS 4.1 Features

But the problem will happen, if you have limited or slowly internet connection, maybe your download progress will be failed, so you can’t update your Apple Stuff. This is terrible right? iOS 4.1 is almost 600MB sizes. So, the solutions is Manually update your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Follow this step by step manually update iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad into iOS 4.1

  1. Download iOS 4.1 ipsw from direct links:
    Download iOS 4.1 ipsw for iPhone 4 here.
    Download iOS 4.1 ipsw for iPhone 3G S here.
    Download iOS 4.1 ipsw  for iPhone 3G here.
    Download iOS 4.1 ipsw for iPod Touch 4the generation here.
    Download iOS 4.1 ipsw for iPod Touch 3G here.
    Download iOS 4.1 ipsw for iPod Touch 2G here.
  2. Connected your device with your Mac or PC with iTunes 10.x installed
  3. After your device identified, press and hold the Shift key (For Windows) or Alt/Option key (for Mac) and click the Restore button in iTunes.
  4. Finder will be find and choose your downloaded ipsw files and select the downloaded iOS 4.1 and click OK.
  5. Now, your iTunes will start installation process of iOS .ipsw in your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  6. Done…

That’s so simple and perfect solutions to update your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch into iOS 4.1. Please note, some users reported when download the files corrupted, our suggestion try to download using standard browser not using download manager.


  1. i have tried downloading the ipws file with standard browser but it is lame, so i download it with download manager, it fast, but after download finished the file extension is not ipws, but zip, do not extract it, simply change the extension to ipws and the icon is change to like an apple box, and do the upgrade prosedure, it’s work! that solve problem.

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