How to maximize battery gadget from apple ( part 1 )

Batteries consumption on gadget depending on the user device. If you activated all the features, of course, the consumption of the battery will run out quickly, especially if you use some Apple products. Apple has provided guide of normal battery life is posted on every device they release. If you feel the use of the battery life compared to a reference from Apple, I think there is nothing wrong in using these gadgets. In order to be more optimal use of the battery, there are some simple tips you can do so that the battery could last longer. Some of these tips apply for products from Apple, such as iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone. These tips are:

apple battery

Avoid sunlight directly : Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can be damage for the battery. This is because hot temperatures on the surface of the battery are excessively can reduce battery life drastically. To anticipate this condition, as much as possible you must avoid these gadgets from direct sunlight.

Reduce the quality of brightness : If you set the brightness level at the minimum, then we can be sure the battery will experience a rapid decrease in resistance. You can adjust the brightness condition on the position of 30% or a maximum of 50%.

Set the screen lock : You can set the menu on the screen in position “screen lock” mode, especially if the device is in unused condition. The faster set up time on the mode position, the more it will save battery usage.

To be continued to part 2

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