How to number one in Google?

How to become the page one google search engine google basically just Google knows. Google has an algorithm to adjust the position or ranking in their search results. But now many seo experts describes how to get the first position in google search results, these methods appear based on research, experience, knowledge, and other things they already know to be able to occupy position of the google search.

Of the many ways or techniques to get the position of the first page of google, there are some important factors to note. I will only explains some important things, you can explore the method by yourself. Here’s how to get in the first page of google search engine.

Site name
The first factor is the name of the Web site or blog. Keep in mind the name of a website or a blog that is both able to name that describes the content of the site. Also choose a website name that is memorable, short but can description of entire contents of the website or blog.

Contents and page titles
The title page should be able to describe or tell the entire contents of the page, the selection of titles of articles sought not more than 60 characters, as if the title of the page or article title more than 60 characters will be truncated, Google will only display the title of a maximum of 60 characters.

The contents of the blog must be the work of its own and original, unique, and quality. Try to write more than 500 words article. Read article and how to determine the title of the article and how to create unique and quality content.

If you want your site appear in google search engine with keywords luxury cars, of course you have to have a page or article about luxury cars on your site. To reinforce key words give a tag or html attribute to thicken the word, make a slash, making the bottom line, etc, each time you repeat your keywords when writing articles or content. For example, when you create an article about a luxury car, every time you write the word luxury cars provide strong tag, for example: strong luxury cars. Keep in mind, do not be too often repeated keywords, keyword repetition maximum of 3% of the number of words in one page article.


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  1. I had to check the content in the blog, and then I have a keyword density of the content in excess of 5%
    what this could be a bad influence for my blog in Google?
    thank you for this information

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