How to Optimize your Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the largest online media and now beginning to explore around the world. Like Path and Instagram, Pinterest Pinners more invites ( designation pinterest users ) to upload images – interesting images to their account. So far more in use Pinterest for someone’s personal account, but Pinterest has now been entered into the world of business field.

pinterest for businessYes, we can create a business account that is in our own pinterest business. Basically a business account used for a business and make sales and increase awareness of our products, but there are some important things to note missed and manage your account is Pinterest Business.

Profile Picture use Brand Logo
Philosophy, when you’re friends with someone, the first thing you see is their face. Just like pinterest, the first time in view is the view you profile picture. So make sure if you’re a business account profile picture is your company logo or brand.

Note About Section
Once attracted by his face, then there is an intention to get acquainted. In pinterest, introduce your company well in the about section. In this column, you only have a limit of 200 characters. Make sure your visitor not boring and really portray your company well.

Board position
Facts prove when other pinners visit your business account, then their eye movement is from top to middle of the page, because it seldom pinners focus on one brand and see all the boards. Then focus on your best photo images in a board and put on the top 2 lines.

Consistent on your Board
Most Pinners, upload a picture and put on a different board, but the image is still in one same theme. With too many Boards and the number of photos a bit, making each board looks unfinished and still to be in working, then it is better made ​​in a more global one theme that is not too confusing and multiply your board.

Primary Photo on board
Each board has the sheer number of photos that is different, but only 5 pictures that represent each board ( 1 photo most from the other 4 ). Make sure the photo representing each board and choose an interesting photo and make other pinners curious.

Enter the special category
The point of special category is for a special board that has nothing to do with your brand or product. This is a bit awkward because it has nothing to do with the brand, but it is proven to make the pin you get the viral effect of the follower you are not just like the product that you are offering, but in terms of their hobby, suppose you load a special category of cars and there photo images of luxury cars that cost a fortune. Although it does not match your target market, but one day could be your new customer.

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