How to PING! Friends in BBM Android

Various interesting features already embedded in the BBM application that can be enjoyed by Android users, ranging from funny to feature emoticons that features to the latest BBM voice and BBM channel.

bbm android and ping apps

Application is designed as a form of instant messaging services so as to enable for user messaging or chat with other users, and the Chat feature, there are PING! features which functions as remind friends to vibrate and sound effects.

To be able use a PING feature the user would have to have a chat friend who will be sent these PING!, and usually most users use this PING! just for fun only. Therein lies the excitement among Android users of BBM, but the record should not be too much to send a message this PING!, who knows that the message was PING! sent, and that was an important meeting or on the way. So how PING! BBM friends on Android ?

Ping! BBM Android
To send a PING! the BBM Android, first you have to first open the BBM application, then select a contact in BBM friend to be sent a PING!. The next press on the lower right corner of the menu section marked “3 points”, then there you simply select the PING! section, and the PING message! This will be sent to the friend chat. Then your friends will feel the vibration of the sound along with your friends on Android phones.

Thus, the PING! features  it can also be used as a sign that you want to chat or chatting activity. If the friend responds to PING! your posts again, you will feel the vibration and sound on an Android phone. How, interesting to try instead ? Good luck.


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