How to select the keyword as a domain?

how to select keyword as domainYou want to build a blog or a website, but still confused to choose the right name for a website? If you have not experienced in building a website, it never hurts to consult with the web designer with experience in this matter. But before you consult, there are a few tips for choosing your website name you will use. In accordance with the search engine criteria, when you build an SEO friendly website, we should really right to choosing the domain name. As a starting point in determining the name of a website, you may be able to choose a keyword as a domain name. Before using a “keyword” for the domain name, here are some steps that must be done so that your website will be functioning optimally.

Level of keyword competition
To get a pretty good ranking on search engines, of course, we should be able to choose keywords that are pretty good. Criteria for a keyword are quite a lot and there is no definitive reference on this subject. However, you can simply apply, such as the level of keyword competition is not too high, keyword search is pretty much in a month, keyword trend is always increasing, and much more simple criteria that you can make as reference.

Specifies the domain name
Although there are many domain names that exist, but at least you should be really precise in your selection. Some domain names like .com, .net, .org, and so could be an alternative, think about what is the appropriate domain for the website. Of multiple domain names, it seems .com is still the best.

Purpose of making a website
Once you fulfill all these criteria, then the last step to consider is your purpose to make the website. Such understanding is crucial to the website later can function more optimally, particularly in managing and maintaining your website.

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  1. I often encounter difficulties in finding a good domain name is not all domain names are still available for registered primarily for the domain of top level domain.
    If using a domain from a particular country, What is it still good for seo?

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