How To Set and Enable External Editor on iPhoto ’09 ver 8.1 (415)

My favorite photo tools on my MacBook Pro is iPhoto, this tools is superb and very useful to collect all of my photos. The most wanted featured in iPhoto ’09 is ability to tags faces on each photos. So I can manage more easily of my photo collection.

iPhoto - Jauhari

The iPhoto editor is actually pretty good. Sometimes though you just need the big guns. “Edit in external editor” selection would make sense. However, frequently people find that is option is gray and disabled. After I googling for a while I found how to enabled external editor in iPhoto, and on this post, I will show you how to do this.

How to Enable External Edtior on iPhoto ’09 ver 8.1

1. In iPhoto click Preferences from the iPhoto menu
2. Click the General tab
iPhoto - Select Menu

3. In the Edit Photo menu select In application and choose (example, Adobe Photoshop CS4)

I hope your iPhoto problem has been solved, if you want to switch back, go to Preferences again and choose in Main Window again.


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