How to Set Wi-Fi connection in Android

wifi android1Better wifi on / off is what it is able to activate wifi on android boot time, when unlocking the screen, and when an active Internet connection is detected. Get some app better wifi on / off on XDA developers, precisely at Then run the installation process. When you browse to see what can be done by better wifi on / off:

  • Run the app. App home screen, you’ll see recent activity and actions undertaken by the app, such as U / screen was turned on, S / wifi is already on: nothing to do, and more.
  • Set button automatically linked to the wifi on the menu> preferences. In preferences, you can specify that your app into the foreground foreground service or run as services, as well as logging customize preferences to set all logging on to the system events are shown.
  • Here are some wifi settings on the menu> preferences that can be done better wifi on / off:
  • Option to turn on wifi when the screen is turned on, and turn off the wifi when the screen is turned off. How to give a click on the screen when clicking on and off when screen off.
  • Enabling wifi only when unlocking the screen. How to put a click on the screen when unlocked. So if the display was accidentally turned on, the wifi connection is not going to happen.
  • Enabling wifi only when the device is in charge, and turn off wifi when connected to the charger. The trick, check in on when plugged in and off when plugged in.
  • Establish wake lock when the device is connected to the charger. This prevents the device from sleep. The trick, check the wake lock while plugged in.
  • Turning on wifi only when connected to the internet. Wifi will turn itself off if no internet connection is active. The trick, tick leave on if connected.
  • Option to keep the screen turned on wifi even in a position to sleep while charging. This option is useful when you are downloading large files. How to turn on leave on if plugged.
  • Enabling wifi off delay so the app will turn off wifi if delay occurs during a certain time interval.

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