How To Setup Privacy Setting on your Facebook Status

Privacy becomes an issue in using Facebook. If you have a friend someone, then by default the person can see everything about you, including your status updates.

facebook privacy
facebook privacy

But, sometimes it becomes a problem. Just imagine if you make the status of anger to your boss, while your boss for being my friend on Facebook. I could have gone down the next day dismissal letter. But with a few settings that have been provided up, you can set it to a specific person to remain friends with you, but can not read your status update. Follow these steps:

  1. On the menu at the top right corner, click on Accounts -> Privacy Settings.
  2. Privacy Setting
    Privacy Setting
  3. Click the Customize Settings link, then you will be directed to a page that is more detailed.
  4. Choose Your Privacy Settings
  5. In the combo box Post by me, choose Customize menu. After that there will be a dialog box appears. You can set the update status will appear in what relation, Friends Only, Friends of Friends, and so forth. In the fields below, you can set any friend who can not see your status by typing its name.
  6. Post by me
    Post by me
  7. You can do the same settings for photos, biography, and so forth.

Good luck to protecting your privacy.


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