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Sharing pictures of Twitter is actually a matter of course. However, before the advent of these new features, share images can only be done by using third-party applications, such as yFrog and Twit-Pic. Because of its use are more and more, Twitter provides a feature to share this image on pages.


Twitter use the service from her Photobucket for hosting the file. This is an interesting form of cooperation since there are many Twitter users who prefer to use for web surfing. Here are ways to share pictures.

  • The first step, of course you have to login to the page This feature is still rarely used another client.
  • On the form to update your tweets, you try to click on field status. At the lower right corner are two icons will appear. right to share Geo Location, upload pictures left. Click the camera icon to select the image you want.
Twitter Share Image
Twitter Share Image
  • After the file selection window appears, select the image file you want. After selecting the file, above the camera icon will appear before the thumbnail picture you want to upload. Write your status in the field provided and click on the tweet.
Twitter Share Image - 2
Twitter Share Image - 2
  • Display tweet with the picture appears in the form of links, be careful you on applications like, which will shorten the URL and make this image share feature to be broken.
  • If you want to see the results of the image you uploaded, click the tweet. On the right page will appear along with your tweet images shared via tweet.
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