How to Synchronize Outlook Calendar with Google

What if you use Outlook on the desktop, and Google Calendar on the web? Both have their respective advantages, and by using them you can access the calendar all the time (offline and online).

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

The question is how to maintain your Outlook calendar and Google? To do so:

  • To help us, download and install Google Calendar Sync (
  • The first part contains the data account. The second section set up the synchronization between Outlook and Google calendars. You have three options: a 2-way: two-way data synchronization takes place. Changes to the calendar will be adjusted to other calendars; one-way Google Calendar to Outlook: sync data only from the Google calendar to Outlook. Changes in the Outlook calendar will not be adjusted to the Google calendar; one-way Microsoft Outlook calendar to Google Calendar: sync calendar data from Outlook to Google. Data changes on the Google calendar will not be adjusted to the Outlook calendar.
  • Last is the set interval of synchronization / updates. Minimum is 10 minutes, while the default is 120 minutes.
Google Calendar Sync
Google Calendar Sync
  • Click Save, Google Calendar Sync will run in the Notification area, and you can access its settings by right clicking. For example, to sync manually, right click, and then click Sync. At the time synchronization, you’ll see a spinning arrow.
Google Calendar Sync Notification area
Google Calendar Sync Notification area





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