How to Track the conversation on your Twitter

There are thousands and even millions of social networking sites that offer a new social environment. A new way of communicating with our social environment.

bettween image
bettween image

Friendster, Facebook, Plurk, and Twitter is one of social networking sites that try to offer it to us. With social networking sites, they generally communicate using chat, IM message, and the most frequently used is the status updates.

Update status has become a means to keep stay up-to-date with our social environmenton the social networking site. Of such status, the friends we can find out what has beenor is being done on the spot. We too can respond back, until it forms a conversation between us and friends.

Many comments that appear to cause us trouble when one day we want to read it again. But with a feature of, we can easily trace back to a conversation that ever happened to us, or our friends.

  1. Point your browser to On the Track A Conversation Between, there are two columns that you can use to keep track of conversations that occur between two Twitter users (and @ @ user1 user2). Fill two user names you want to track Twitter conversations. Go then, click the Go button.
  2. After a while, then it will immediately display the data conversations that had occurred between the two users (the user) is.
  3. In the first step above, we use two user names (@user1 dan @user2). In this step we can also just fill a Twitter user name only. If only fill in one name only, then it will display the entire data conversation involving the name of the Twitter user (@ user1) that we entered earlier.
  4. bettween conversation data
    bettween conversation data
  5. From the list of the conversation that ensued, we can see what conversations have occurred simply by clicking on the button See Conversations.
  6. Now, you can already see what the previous conversation never happened with these Twitter users. Conversation data that ensued, we can still filter based on time series by using the Limit by Date. Simply click on the column Limit by Date, then you will see several filtering options that we can apply (Last 7 months Last month, Last year, Date range, and so on).
  7. At the bottom of the conversation data which raised earlier, there is information that tells the number of messages that appear on the conversation. This is where you can specify to use the filtering feature if the total message that there is too much.



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