How to Update directly to iOS 5 beta 4 using OTA (Over The Air)

To you the owner of the iPad, wherever you are. It now appears that iOS 5 Beta 4 available for developers to download. This is the first iOS that downloads and installs updates over the air. Anyone who has iOS 5 Beta 3, and want to directly update to iOS 5 beta 4, there is easy tutorial for you as registered Devs to update directly using OTA (Over The Air).

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

It’s easy and you are obliged to know, interested? You can follow the steps below:

Update directly to iOS 5 beta 4 using OTA
Update directly to iOS 5 beta 4 using OTA
  1.  Firstly, point your cursor toSetting> General> Software Updateand download and install the update without connecting the device to a computer.
  2. You need high speed internet connection on your iPhone for the faster download. And just wait until the process is completed.
  3. Once done, you will be prompted to install the iOS 5 beta 4 directly from your iPhone, then the iPhone will be restarted.
  4. Once your iPhone is restarted, now you have to install the iOS 5 beta 4.
  5. Apple will verify the installation of the new iOS on your iPhone. Once done, reboot your iPhone then now you have iOS 5 beta 4 on your iPhone.

You can also update to iOS 5 beta 4 via iTunes by downloading .ipsw file manually. But I prefer the way over, because it is easier to do. Now that you have had success using the iPad IOS 5 Beta 4.

iCloud Beta
iCloud Beta

The new beta version adds Documents & Data to the list of services supported by iCloud. People are reporting that some portions of iCloud data syncing are now active. Apple appears to be putting the final touches on iCloud for iOS with this beta release.



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