How to use Air Playit to Stream Video & Audio to iPad, iPhone

Streaming app is not a new topic now. But it is still a hot item many developers dedicated to, such as this one, released by Digiarty Software, named Air Playit. Actually I have encounters a few apps on iTunes App store that can stream video and audio files from PC/Mac to iPhone, iPad. But most of them only have a lite version, that does not really do any work.

Air Playit - Free Video Streaming App
Air Playit - Free Video Streaming App

While after trying out Air Playit, I found it is a promising free video streaming software for me to remote control on the media files, let me watch them on my iPhone over both local network and Internet. It stream video to iPhone, iPad without conversion beforehand. Other like the famous one — Air Video, it can also download the files on portable devices over the air and catche all played audios as well. That’s amazing.

According to the report from Digiarty, it ranked top 50 under the Entertainment category in the App Store, even several days after its first release. And it keep updating. That’s why I like it. This make this free app stand out among any other video streaming software.

Air Playit consists of two parts, Air Playit Server (PC/Mac) and Air Playit Client App (iPhone, iPad). They can be downloaded at  The Android version is also coming soon. Keep an eye on this if you have an Android mobile phone.

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How to use Air Playit to Stream Video & Audio to iPad, iPhone

  1. Download the Air Playit Client App on your iPhone, iPad and Air Playit Server on your desktop.
  2. After installed Air Playit Server, you will find that the Air Playit interface displays a series of tabs. The Shared Folders tab lets you add and manage folders and set permissions for each folder. You can also import files from your iTunes Playlist and apply the required permissions.
  3. Tap the Air Playit app on your Home screen. Click Add Local Server, or Add Remote Server. Your iPhone will automatically identify your local server connection. If it does not work, you should manually specify the IP address, Pin, etc or close the firewall for a try.
  4. Click the video you want to play, even it is not in the iOS friendly format, it allows you watch it instantly with waiting for conversion.

That’s it, we hope our Air Playit tips works on you.

Air Playit is compatible with the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and available in the App Store for free. The daily downloads of it is more than 15,000 and already ranks


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