USB Flashdisk in Windows 98

flashdisk_win98This post I attends to the Windows 98 lovers or Windows 98 which is still using it rather than Windows XP that already started disappearing and replaced by Windows Vista and also Microsoft will be released Windows 7. The reliability and stability of Windows 98 SE is no doubt in his era. There is much easiness that we can get from this operating system. However, hardware vendor already abandoned the Windows 98 SE driver compatibility, because many user start to switch to the next version of Windows or Linux as Open Source. This time I want to share about how to recognize a universal USB Flashdisk in Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE. Some of Flashdisk vendor already include the driver by default version of Windows 98, but mostly they don’t. Therefore, you can use the files Windows 98 SE Generic USB Mass Storage Device Drivers v3.3 – nusb33e.exe that can detect all the flash without having to install the driver from the vendor default. Reference :

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  1. tolong gan ….ada yg tau gak nih gimana install win xp ke flashdisk…?
    jadi kita gx perlu hdd lagi….

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