If the Personal Mobile Devices Used for Working

Technology increasingly sophisticated mobile devices that trigger an increase in the number of users reached 7.1 billion. At the same time, employees are using mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, for work is also growing.

modern office with mobile app

Reported by Softpedia, in a report released bluebox Security, more and more users depend on mobile devices to work. In fact in many cases, it is frequently used mobile devices to access corporate information. Most rely on smartphones to check email, SMS, social networking, or other applications related to the work.

Although many users are confident that iOS is safer than Android, but both the operating system remains vulnerable to a large number of attacks. bet o bet What’s more, the number of applications that are accessed from mobile devices growing. Especially since as smartphones and tablets become the new enterprise desktop. كيفيه لعبه الشطرنج

Only 40 percent of the companies involved in this study has a Bring Your Own Device policy. As many as 45 percent of companies reported having mobile data loss and some of them are required to declare the incident to the public.

The study also revealed that 76 percent of employees are concerned about privacy when using personal devices for work. In addition, 64 percent of IT staff to put those concerns under consideration security. جدول مباريات يورو ٢٠٢١

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