In comparison to Windows phone, symbian OS more popular

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Perhaps among you there are those who use mobile phones nokia symbian operating system. Although after his aging, according to independent research institute Gartner, Symbian toothed. Sales of mobile phones with the operating system made by Nokia turns Symbian third quarter of 2012 Gartner revealed that the operating system made by nokia symbian phone sales that went beyond armed Microsoft windows phone OS. Data third quarter of 2012 Gartner reveals that the mobile operating system world. 

This figure is 0.2% higher than the mastery of windows phone. Meanwhile, the mobile operating system Symbian is old it was (still is) controlled 2.6% of the world mobile market. This figure is 0.2% higher than the mastery of windows phone. Meanwhile, the operating system released by Samsung controlled entities 3% market share, or sit in fourth position. These numbers indicate more sixth that carried by the Microsoft windows phone. According to Gartner nokia mobile operating system that is outdated it was nearing the end of the age cycle. Do not believe? Look at how third taken thrusting RIM blackberry.

Among all the mobile operating system available today, Android is the dominant. Seource open operating system sits firmly at the top of the stairs Gartner list with 72.4% holding the world mobile market. iOS from apple ranks next, with 13.9% market share. However, the acquisition will increase Gartner apple predicted the fourth quarter of 2012 with the launch of iPhone 5.

The most popular names in the field of smartphones is Samsung, the producer from south korea’s got a market share of 23%. The second position is occupied by Nokia which controls 19.2% market share. Apple sits at number three with 5.5% market pngsa. ZTE, Huawei LG nd respectively in third, fourth and fifth in the list of Gartner. Meanwhile, HTC is no position to -10, behind RIM and Motorola.

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