In India, Samsung give a Discount Sale Price for Galaxy S5

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 recently went on sale in the market. However, one of the largest markets in the world, specifically in India, the selling price of the phone is already getting a cut. The price cuts made ​​by Samsung as HTC has started selling its newest product, namely HTC M8 in the country.


At the time of initial entry into the Indian market, Samsung Galaxy S5 is priced at 51,990 rupees. But the price is changed after India launched its smartphone HTC One M8 on Monday. HTC launches HTC M8 to India for a price of 49,990 rupees. And not so long ago, one of India’s leading mobile phone store, Flipkart give the Galaxy S5 is priced at 46,831 rupees.

This price cut is quite surprising. Moreover, the launch of the phones have just performed by the Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S5 just launched globally on 11 April last and the company also claims that the rate of mobile phone sales are very high. But on the other hand, they seem to be threatened by the arrival of the HTC One M8 .

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