Increase Conversions with Twitter Analytics

Who is not familiar with twitter, social networking media with bird logo a trend besides the facebook social networking. In some countries the use of twitter is increasing from year to year. In addition to tweets, we also know that we can advertise on twitter to raise a brand or service in order to introduce its product. But did you know that in recent months has been pinned on Twitter Website Analytics?

twitter web analyticsIn Twitter Website Analytics you can figure out the movement of any person who has been clicking on your link on twitter on a particular page. Of course in this business will greatly assist us in marketing the product or service being offered.

On Twitter Website Analytics are 3 submenus that timeline activity, followers and website data, which all have either a data attachment as a follower growth and how the movement of your followers. 3 submenu is different from a few months ago that there were only two submenus that Timeline activity and Followers only.

Then what advantage has the third sub​​? Let me explain, once you unlock the third sub​​, then your website will be displayed on the page in the form of graphs in which there are only 2 columns only ie Tweets Clicks and Links.

In the tweets is how many people are talking about your link on twitter either domain or just leads to another part of the page, while for Link Clicks is how many people click on your website link. Not only is it the advantages of Twitter Website Analytics is that you can see how many people are talking about or who click your link within 90 days backward, and graphics that will provide more information to you.

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