Increase Traffic By Creating WordPress Theme

Another thing you can do to increase your website traffic is by Creating WordPress Theme. Maybe you have boosted your traffic by blogging or follow the 5 ways to generate traffic at low cost.  You maybe insterested to try this method also.

Jauhari’s free WordPress themes have been downloaded thousand times and counting. The landing page triggered page view to any single theme page, that is increase the whole site page views.  I watched the blog stat and most people came here to look for WordPress themes.

If you are good in design and CSS then you should try to share your free WordPress theme to your site. Create theme that good in design, valid XHTML, Search Engine Optimized, widget ready and support for all major web browsers. If your theme is being used by someone, you will have a free backlink to your website (as long as your theme user is not deleting your theme credit). Backlink from another website is good for pagerank and traffic.

After creating theme, you can promote your theme at WordPress Theme Directory. Make sure to check your download stat and say thank you to anyone who use your theme.

That’s all. Your homework now is to create WordPress theme. :P



  1. But I don’t have high IQ to create wordpress themes like Mr. Jauhari. I download 2 themes from it and I have problem to change a pictures :( he he very stupid :((

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