Indication of a damaged computer network

On a computer network, such as in the office, we often pay less attention to the quality of the existing access speed, which it actually is one important indicator of a network, either using wired or wireless networking. If we are often damaged and the error in some

computer networking

computer applications, I think should be done to improve and also the examination of several sections that exist within the network. Server functions are important enough to be one of the reference level and quality of a network. With the indication of such damage and also of course a technician should be able to do some anticipatory steps that can later be repaired immediately.

Poor network conditions are often one of the major factor in the occurrence of physical damage, particularly in some parts of the cable used. You can try to replace the existing network system with some new technology, one of which is a wireless networking. You could try some alternatives that may be useful to apply the system.

But should before making some changes to the existing network system, checks on some important parts of a network is necessary to be done, given that there is any point server can also be the cause of the failure of a system in the network.

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