Instagram Added 2 New Filter

Instagram 1.0.7 - Walden Effect
Instagram 1.0.7 - Walden Effect
Instagram added 2 new Filter, today I got new notification about my favorite photography apps on my iPhone. On the new update Instagram added 2 beautiful filter Walden and Hefe. Instagram also bring it back the old remove filter to the filter list.

On version 1.0.7 Instagram comes with several bug fixes and “localization improvements,” The main focus will be on the addition of two new filter, “Walden” and “Hefe”.

It’s look promising, so the user able to create more unique photos using many filter. Poprocket filter has back, on previous version Istagram team decide to remove it and replace with Sutro and Toaster. Many user want it’s back.

So, what’ do you think about New Instagram update? do you like it?



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