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net nannyAs we know, this time a lot of internet filter software, so that users are often confused enough to determine where the best software for your use. Most good software Internet Filter is software that is paid. Some Internet software filters that you can use are:

Net Nanny Parental Controls
This software tool that combines Internet filter technology with non-technical settings and reports about information, where this is useful so that parents are better able to control their children in using the Internet. Net Nanny has some useful features for your use, such as remote management and control functions of the report. Remote function is where you as an administrator who will manage all the content, which opened at the time of browsing.

So you can still monitor the activities of the children who use the Internet even if you’re not at home. This is because every computer that is online, the report will automatically be sent in the form of incoming email into your inbox. Net Nanny using this handy Dynamic Contextual Analysis to filter web content. In other words, if there is a news site that talked about something, then that site will automatically be blocked.

Other features that exist in this application is the ability to perform a specific block of games. These features take advantage ESRB (entertainment software ratings board) ratings so you can limit which is less good games for children. Another feature that has become very important is the ability to monitor social networking sites. With the existence of several such applications so parents can be more flexible in providing information services to the children without worry about the content of the less educated.

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