iPad 2 Rumors

Many rumors has said, that new iPad (iPad 2) will be launched in February 2011. yyy casino Some source has said iPad 2 will be built in with 3MP Cameras. Chris Galzerano has been reported that New iPad will be available in 3 types, iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 3G and iPad 2 CDMA.

iPad 2 Rumors

In the latest iOS 4.3 Beta 3, Chris try to explore the contents from this beta and has been found that iPad 2 Specification

  • Displayport
  • 3MP Camera
  • Compass
  • 720p video
  • something relating to a gas gauge (battery gauge — been in plist files since iOS3?

Another source that also explain what’s on in iPad 2 you can check it on here, here. Let’s wait and see what Apple Inc will be show up on the next iPad Update


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