iPad mini features inside

Senior vice president of design apple ipad mini saying that the ipad is not minimized, but the ipad mini is concentrated from an ipad. Hence, ipad prices fell at around U.S. $ 350 instead of U.S. $ 200. Let’s look at some of the following features:

Size of Ipad mini has 7.85 inch wide screen, ipad mini wider again, judging from the size of the screen. Even thinner ipad mini. Ipad mini only has fringe 5 mm on the vertical side and 20 mm on the horizontal.

There is a dual thing that supposedly why not makes the retina display on the iPad mini. Where is the difficulty? The first is the price, with retina display ipad mini might not be as cheap now, and the second is due to the strategy apple. Maybe after a year of selling the best selling mini ipad, apple will improve of his fans once again by selling mini ipad retina display, even so ipad mini has a density of 163 ppi. But still far enough when compared to ipad retina display which has 264 ppi density.

Owned ipad mini camera of 5 MP alone. But according to apple, its not nice camera is not only determined by the mega pixel, but also because it is determined lens, camera sensors, and software. And indeed it seems apple in this case, because the cameras are planted ipad mini has aperture of f / 2.4 which allows us to take pictures with less light.

Ease of setup
Iphone and ipod touch you can use the on-screen keyboard with comfortable, why should we have difficulty in the mini ipad. Indeed, ipad mini is smaller than the iPad, but definitely bigger than the iphone and ipad touch.

Application compatibility
All the applications in the app store run without any interruption at all on ipad mini. For verily is arguably ipad mini ipad 2 is minimized. The same processor, the dual core processor and is the same resolution, 1024 x 768. Application developers need not even bother to make any changes in the way that applications ipad mini. Ultimately ipad mini is the right option and very interesting.

In general, should not be regarded as a mini ipad 2 is reduced, so for those who do not very often read the e-book because it does not really need a retina display but travel a lot and work on the tablet, ipad mini is the ideal choice. But its best for those who frequently read e-books on the iPad and enjoy the game look exciting games, ipad mini is not quite the right choice. Another story if the retina display ipad mini has been sold in the market.


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