iPhone 4.0 OS: Welcome to Multitasking

iPhone 4.0 OS has come, the best new features is Multitasking Support. The Bad News is Multitasking not avaliable for early iPod Touch and iPhone 3G :( My brother currently have iPhone 3G, so he can’t enjoy this featured. Steve Jobs has said, this featured not avaliable on early iPod Touch and iPhone 3G because this hardware didn’t support it

iPhone 4.0 OS

Multitasking is one of many new features in iPhone 4.0 OS, there are many many new features such as


Folders will be added to iPhone 4.0 OS and they look very similar to Stacks from Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6. You can drag and drop apps onto one another to create application folders. This will take the number of maximum apps that you can visually see on your phone from 180 to 2160!


The best way to browse, buy, and read books on a mobile device. Easily flip through the pages of a book you’ve downloaded from the iBookstore while listening to your music collection. Browse tens of thousands of books – many of them free – by title, author, or genre. You can even check out reviews and read sample pages before you buy.

Better Mail

Mail is getting a total overhaul in iPhone 4.0 OS.First and foremost, Mail will now feature a unified inbox. Mail can also now be organized by thread. Mail can now open attachments within Mail and have the file open in an app on the phone or iPad.

Game Center

Despite Nintendo’s claims to the contrary, the iPhone platform is becoming a mobile powerhouse for gaming. Apple wants to make it even better by adding a social gaming network. Think XBox Live but for your iPhone or iPad.


On iPhone 4.0 event coverage, Apple introducing iAd (Mobile Advertising solution from Apple). Essentially, Apple wants to bring the classic advertising model from television to applications. Because iAd is built into iPhone 4.0 OS, interactive video content can be included in an ad without ever taking the user out of the application.

And there are 100+ new features that can’t be listed here. So, would you buy iPhone 3GS? iPad? or waiting until the next iPhone coming?



  1. In the apple keynote, when the iPad was first introduced, steve jobs said that all iPads were unlocked. I do believd that that applied to the whole world not just the U.S. So it should work in Cambodia and you won’t need to unlock it.

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