iPhone 6 design that has been Circulating in Some media

Design iPhone 6 have already started circulating online, which owned more streamlined design than the previous iPhone. Pictures newest iPhone 6 design circulate through the Japanese site “ascii.jp” and also from the Korean site “Seeko.co.kr”. It seems like it is the design of the new iPhone, which is viewed from different sides.

best iphone 6 design

The latest rumor says that the design of the iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen dimensions, where the design will be approached with the newest design HTC M8, compared with the previous generation Apple products. Design iPhone 6 shows outstanding body that is thinner than the iPhone 5S, which has a thickness of 7.6 mm, it is going to feel when I first saw it.

Although the design of the iPhone 6 have circulated, still not out of the Apple’s official statement regarding the designs that have been revealed and the circulation. But many people give estimates that the new iPhone design will not be far from the designs that have been circulating. And more importantly, some of the latest mobile applications have certainly undergone some changes and is equipped with several advanced features in it.

Usually the concept of Apple’s products will be much given the previous products, such as the type of the screen, several important applications, and the main one is on the side of the design does not seem to undergo many significant changes.

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