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iPhone Explorer Apps – Manage Your iPhone

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Making changes to files stored on a USB removable media or known familiar with USB flash drives are usually easy to do without a complicated process because the user can directly browse the files through Windows Explorer. This Ease what can be presented Explorer iPhone application presented to the user’s iPhone.

iPhone Explorer
iPhone Explorer

This application is able to manage files stored in your iPhone easily starting from the upload and download files up to the advanced search to look at some of the information files, such as artist, title, genre, album, year and more.

Users can easily drag and drop files to and from the iPhone is simple. Some of the directories that exist on the iPhone can be accessed without difficulty, including photo, sms, e-mail, video, and more.

There are other features that are not less attractive to users is the ability to make your own ringtones from mp3 songs collection file owned.

Feel free to download this application here for 1.65 MB maybe.

Written by kaylee
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