iPhone Microscope Shoots Incredible Pictures

There’s always an interesting thing from Apple. Both in technology, features, speed, and the OS is very satisfactory.

iPhone  Microscope Picture
iPhone Microscope Picture

The next surprise comes from the spectroscopic / microscopic upgrade the iPhone’s camera pics. This is an additional feature embedded on your iPhone so that it can take of a microscopic images.

The instant-camera microscope iPhone came to a tiny augmentation involving a glass ball lens. The reason why a glass ball lens was perfect is it gives because the resolution is ideal for photographing miniscule samples commonly used in labs. And this has been proven by a group of scientists from the University of California at Davis.

iPhone  Microscope Image
iPhone Microscope Image

Since this innovative flash of inspiration is so easy to do, the team behind it thinks a lot of scientific research can be aided by moded Such iPhones used anywhere in the world. It’s also more efficient, shortening procedures effectivey Pls Scientists and doctors can gather data instantaneously through their iPhones.

iPhone Microscope Image - 2

A Certain Dr. Wachsman-Hogiu literally got the ball rolling by taping the simple contraption (a ball lens secured to a rubber pad) to an iPhone. To think this little Addition to a regular iPhone inspired a full-fledged paper soon that will be presented to a panel of academics.

iMicroscope: Use your iPhone with a microscope

A physicist by training, Dr. Wachsman-Hogiu’s eureka moment paved the way for Further improvements, including a spectroscopic features for discerning chemical Compositions.

Of course this is very helpful to researchers.

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