Is Linux OS difficult to use?

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For those of you, who are using Windows OS or Mac, may experience some difficulties when using the Linux OS. Why does this happen often? Of course, because the view of Linux is much different from Windows and some other operating system. Although the actual functions and facilities of existing on Linux OS is not much different, but if we are less familiar with the operating system is a little bit of trouble. Different interfaces with applications in general, a particular challenge for us to learn more.

Of the several versions of Linux that was released subject to further improvement of existing features, ranging from the appearance, function and applications, security, compatibility, and several other features that exist in the latest version. For facility security, Linux seems better compared to some of the existing operating system. This is because the developers of the script code in the system is always to make improvements to the existing firewall security system in each version, so the chances of virus attacks can be avoided.

If we talk about the difficulties commonly faced by Linux users, because most of them are familiar with the Windows operating system, and they want to learn Linux through some of the methods they had learned. Although this is basically the operating system you can understand easily, but if not carefully learn it, then you certainly will have difficulties, especially in identifying some of the terms therein.

Written by The Master
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