Is WordPress Suitable For Business?

Is WordPress Suitable For Business? I will get right to the answer so you do not have to read the whole article: yes, absolutely. However, if you would like to know more, please continue reading.

WordPress Merchandise
WordPress Merchandise

If you are small/medium business owner who sells reasonably complex products (services, usually), you probably want:

  • A good-looking website
  • Great functionality, but easy maintenance
  • The ability to keep touch with the social crowd (Blogging! Social media!)
  • Unharmed SEO potential
  • An affordable price for creation and support

Most of you will end up with three basic choices: Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. There are hundreds of thousands of sites that use either of these options. So why should you choose WordPress above the competition?

  • WordPress is customizable – very customizable! Both in front end and back end, whatever you require, WP can do it.
  • It has a large community, creating tons of free codes. If you want something special, search and you will find it.
  • It boasts regular improvements of its core.
  • There are many good and reasonably priced developers at hand.

To be fair, there are fields in which WordPress leaves room for improvement. The one worth mentioning is the existence of low-quality plugins, which dwell besides the great ones, and can cause you trouble if you choose to pick them. Luckily, unlike in Joomla’s case, your website’s core is always strong, so you do not have to turn your site upside down if any troubles occur.

Just have a look at this insurance website, this Toronto lifestyle magazine, or this real estate site. All of them bet on WordPress, and you can find thousands of other examples where WP proves to be an efficient business solution.

Prepared in cooperation with Foliovision, one of the leading WordPress developers.

Images by Christopher Ross


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