iStick, First USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

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Perhaps you ‘ve heard the usual USB flash disk but if USB flash disk with Lighting connector which is a product for the iPhone and iPad approved by Apple then iStick is the first time.

istick for iphone and ipad

iStick a normal USB flash drive with a USB connection on one side which is also equipped with Lightning connector on the other side to be linked with the iPhone and iPad that allows us to various files with both the iOS devices. iStick supports the iPhone 5 to the above, the fourth generation of the iPad and later, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5th generation and beyond.

iStick has a complementary application that lets you play music, download photos and watch videos stored on the drive, without occupying additional space on your iOS device. Dmainkan almost all video formats, including native formats such as mp4, m4v, mov and non – native format of IOS such as avi, mkv, wmv etc. You can even use iStick to share data between two iOS devices. So to use iStick, you need to download iOS apps from Hyper advance.

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