Kamonesan: Gnome Theme With Indonesian Culture

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Gnome users (Version: 2.20+) should check this theme. Kamonesan came from Sundanese word, means: “Uniqueness”. This theme wants to bring Indonesia Culture into Gnome Desktop. You may choose one of included backgrounds (of course still related with Indonesian culture) as your favorite desktop background as well as the icons.

Below is the screenshoot for the theme. Kamonesan is available at

Kamonesan - Desktop

Written by Arief Fajar Nursyamsu
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4 Replies to “Kamonesan: Gnome Theme With Indonesian Culture”

  1. hello jauhari, thanks for the awesome post, i want to know that is it possible to get this theme for windows7?..
    i would be very glad if i can get this theme in windows :)

  2. Bisanya sih bisa mas, cuma butuh di CONVERT karena themes windows dan linux lain. Paling mudah ganti paling Wallpaper ama Icon aja.. kalau mau semua harus sedikit kerja keras ;)

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