Keyboard apps for Android

For Android user, you certainly know that a good keyboard is a must. And unfortunately, given the default keyboard on Android does not provide the best performance. To that end, some application developers try to generate a custom keyboard that can be used by Android users to use a better keyboard.

keyboard apps for android

In Android itself, the keyboard has a lot of applications available. But in this article I will only give some of the best Android keyboard apps. The following is a list of the best Android keyboard apps:

This application provides accurate predictions, providing typing slide features ( such as sweep ) and also some apps can learn from your words that you type. With this application, the possibility of typing can be minimized.

As the name suggests, this application allows you to type sweep. With this application you will get used to typing quickly. The advantages of this application is able to provide many options for the look of the keyboard letters.

Go Keyboard
This keyboard also has cool features as mentioned above, but it also provides a wide range of themes, non – qwerty keypad, and supports many languages​​. And the most interesting are the letters that appear on the keyboard can also be configured in size.

Slide IT
This application supports 70 + languages​​, and also features swipe typing and other cool features. Display also looks interesting, if you like a different color, this application provides a lot of skin and be a good alternative for your Android keyboard.


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