Kyuhyun Feels Melancholy in “Goodbye For Now” MV – Super Junior’s Kyuhyun looks sad in his new MV entitled “Goodbye for Now” to say hello to his fans for the last time before his military service. This music video (MV) is released before Kyuhyun’s military service this year as a present for his fans. As the song entitled “Goodbye for Now,” Kyuhyun presents a mellow ballad song expressing someone’s sadness in imagining to meet again with his girlfriend from the past.

Kyuhyun Feels Melancholy in “Goodbye For Now” MV

“Goodbye for Now” is also addressed for Kyuhyun’s fans as a goodbye saying before he begins his military service for two years. in the music video, Kyuhyun looks melancholy. Another song entitled “The Parting” will be also released and presented by Kyuhyun before the military service.

Kyuhyun Super Junior MV
Kyuhyun Super Junior MV

For your information, Kyuhyun is officially enlisting in the army today on May 25, 2017 at 2 p.m. KST. Kyuhyun will be receiving training at the recruitment training camp at the Nonsan Army Training Center for four weeks before doing his army duty as a social service worker.

Here is Kyuhyun in the MV of “Goodbye for Now”

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