Latest OS from Apple, OS X 10.10

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After waiting some time for the emergence of the latest apps from Apple, then at WWDC event some time ago, Apple has officially released the latest update for OS X. Some existing applications are equipped with features that are more interesting and certainly more complete. You can find a wide range of facilities that you normally find on a smartphone, such as SMS and MMS.

latest os from apple

With the launch of these features, so now the users of Apple products, especially the MAC, then it could be smooth and comfortable with the presence of such features. But of course for certain activities still have to depend on what you need to do. If you still make phone calls, then their product is of course still be the best choice, such as the iPhone, which will soon also be released soon.

Associated with some of the latest applications which will be launched, it looks like Apple will still offer a variety of other interesting applications, one of which is a health-related application. In addition, there is also an application that will be used for smart home concept, so you can do a variety of activities for your house only through a mobile device, in this case the iPhone.

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