Launchpad Become an Open Source

Launchpad, a platform development a collaboration of popular software which made by Canonical on July 21st 2009 reported been open source by Canonical. 1st Launchpad launched couple years ago, and now become a house of thousand project development, besides use as a place to develop of Ubuntu operation system. Now anyone can join in the Launchpad community with the goal to help the development.
Mark Shuttleworth, CEO and Canonical founder said that Launchpad been balance of the collaboration between open source project that already exist. The collaboration is tools of innovation in free software development, and Launchpad been support a key of free software strength if compare with proprietary traditional development process.All projects which are put in the Launchpad directly connected to every other project which is in there to make easy in a code merger, translation, bug fixed, and design of across feature project. It is better to put project together than just in one place and after that connect to the community together with collaboration between those projects. Make Launchpad become an open source, make the user can increase the service which they use daily.
Lauchpad is a hosting software platform and collaboration with using the control system Bazaar version to share or keep the code from any source. Jay Pipes who is a main developer of Drizzle Project at Sun Microsystems said that since April 2008 their project started, Launchpad has been use by the contributor and in daily community at development tasks and manage the source code. One of famous project which uses the Launchpad is Ubuntu Distro.


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