Lenovo thinkpad twist, Rotate the screen, be a tablet

Noticing vendor innovations to transform into a tablet-style laptop windows 8 is indeed quite interesting. Similarly, by Lenovo thinkpad ultra twist 5230u his book. You simply rotate the display through the hinge in the middle of this ultrabook. So this laptop pin turns into a tablet. Single hinge connecting the screen and the keyboard is quite interesting. Because though only a tiny player, but it turned out to be elastic hinge.

Making the rounds on the screen can be made up to 360 degrees. Intelcore i7 processor powered by the third generation, the thinkpad twist comes with 128 GB of SSD storage. This hybrid device also has 8GB of RAM provide the RAM. However, this specification may change, Lenovo provides several options for combinations of specifications, which would have implications on the price. This twist comes Thinkpad 12.5-inch screen IPS technology 1366 X 768 resolution. The device also comes with support for Intel HD 4000 graphics and dual USB 3.0 ports. Provided also Bluetooth 4.0 with front camera 720p. Windows version is windows 8pro planted, which would have a capacity of windows 8 full.

Lg optimus l9 whiz it big screen and a quick translation
Continuing the family optimus L series, LG launched the LG Optimus L9 which is the highest series. Android phones are still relying on the wide screen as an attraction.

Some additional features are introduced to users LG, such Qtranslator, my style keypad function, and Qmemo, Qtranslator, point the camera at the word / phrase is still in the translated application. This application is not equipped with handwriting recognition. So, do not try to translate from handwriting. Typically, one of the things that interfere when using widescreen phones are difficult to type with one hand. To overcome this, LG offer my style keypad function.

This function will allow you to type a hand on the big screen LG L9. When the virtual keyboard appears, a broom or a keyboard to the left or to right to put it. Thus, you can easily typing with one hand. In landscape mode, you can do a sweep zoom out, to divide the keyboard into two parts.


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